Sony VAIO CR220E/L

Description: The Sony VAIO CR220E/L is a 5.5-pound, general-purpose notebook computer. Compared to other mainstream consumer notebooks on the market, it is relatively inexpensive at around $1,225. Has Wi-Fi (wireless connectivity) built-in.

Pros: Has a 200GB hard drive, which is considerably larger than some similarly priced notebooks. In fact, the typical cost of a product with this large a hard drive is $1,770. Also, this notebook has 2 GB RAM, which is somewhat more than some similarly priced notebooks. By way of comparison, the typical cost of a product with this ample a RAM is $1,795.

Cons: Has an integrated housing media bay, which is less favorable than some similarly priced notebooks. For example, the Lenovo ThinkPad T60 , a 5.5-pound notebook at around $1, 320, has a plug-in module media bay. The Sony VAIO CR220E/L comes with simple word processing software – if you often create complex documents you will likely need to upgrade to a more powerful office suite . Integrated graphics controllers that rely on shared video memory are sometimes an acceptable trade-off for budget-minded users.

Suitability: A mainstream consumer notebook, suited for general mobile computing. Store massive amounts of data on DVD using the DVD recorder included in this computer. You can use the bundled video software to compile and edit movies uploaded from a digital video camcorder. If you have a wireless network at home, wirelessly browse the Internet from any room in your house with this Wi-Fi enabled notebook.

Value: In view of its relatively inexpensive price, this notebook has good features for the money. For example, when it comes to screen size, the average price of general-purpose products with a similar screen size is considerably more -- right around $1,429
Sony VAIO CR220E/L Sony VAIO CR220E/L Reviewed by traveller on Saturday, January 26, 2008 Rating: 5