Compaq HPA

HPA Notebook Compaq Presario is actually made assembled with graphics processor, which is Trident Blade 3D-PCI. The system audio output is given through the sound card. The chief input device that HPA laptop has got is its touch pad and the keyboard. When it comes to telecommunication, the PCI modem assembled in the device with maximum transfer of 56 Kbps. You might have heard about nickel metal hydride and that is the technology used in the battery of HPA. The battery life is pretty good, it is 4.5 AH. With all the amazing features comprising the laptop has a weight about 3.3 kg only!

Compaq Presario is one of the newest models in the notebook industry and this one has recently come up with HPA notebook. The in-built notebook features has stereo speakers, touch pad, decent key board and eye-catching display. Notebook comprises 12.1 wide-screen display and a processor of AMD K62 400MHZ. You will find the 4.3 GB space allocated for hard drive and a RAM space of 32 MB. Even the optical storage space has CD-ROM integrated with the read speed of 24 xs. It has a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels and most impressive feature is that it can access 16.7 million colors.
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