Toshiba Satellite U305

For $1,150, the Satellite U305 is a good deal. While there are smaller and lighter 13.3-inch notebooks, this thin-an-light still costs $600 less than comparable Sony VAIOs and a couple hundred cheaper than ASUS’ U3 series. Dell’s popular XPS M1330 is still probably the king of the 13.3-inch space, although when configured for similar components, it’s slightly more expensive than the Satellite U305
Battery life – Very good
DVD battery drain test netted 2 hours and 42 minutes, which is an excellent number – about the length of two normal movies, or one painfully long one. This shows the benefit of picking integrated graphics and a CPU under 2.0 GHz; they’re not powerful enough to do front-line gaming, but they also draw far less electricity. Normal productivity applications – typing Word documents, surfing the web – will extend battery life beyond the 3-hour mark.
Windows Vista is the only configurable operating system for the U305. Even with Microsoft’s release candidate for Service Pack 1 now available, Vista still lags behind Windows XP in performance. Our notebook, the U305-S7467, came with Windows Vista Home Premium installed, which has the Aero glass interface (unlike Home Basic), Windows Media Center, Mobility Center and DVD Maker
Toshiba Satellite U305 Toshiba Satellite U305 Reviewed by traveller on Tuesday, December 25, 2007 Rating: 5