Reduce over heating of Notebook

The mat, with its simple design, fundamental features and affordable price, will make sure all your hours of computing are cool and comfortable.
The mat's design is simple and sleek. It's a 12-by-9-inch silver rectangle and is only half an inch thick, which adds the perfect lift from a solid surface, protecting your laptop from overheating.
It resembles a thin tray for your laptop to perch on. The small rubber feet add height and keep your laptop from sliding if you are using it at your desk.
The double fans inside the tray are quiet, yet strong enough to keep your laptop from overheating.
The mat's detachable cord plugs into your USB drive. A drawback to the direct connection is that it feeds on your laptop battery so you may not get the battery usage that you normally do.
More important than the simple design and fundamental features is the affordable price of the Targus mat. I bought mine for $18.99 at my local Best Buy. You can find similar chill mats at any stores that sell laptop accessories, or you can try the Internet. I have seen the prices for other chill mats range from $25 up to $50 or more.
Reduce over heating of Notebook Reduce over heating of Notebook Reviewed by traveller on Saturday, December 01, 2007 Rating: 5